Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nudity on Ashby Canal ... no pics!

Although we've only been here once before, the far end of the Ashby is one of our favourite places. Great to be here in sunshine. We have given ourselves a day off!!

Yesterday afternoon a boat came past. oK..not unusual. Told us of nude man at Bridge 57. Now that was a first. We didn't race up there. We did walk LJ that way later in the afternoon. We are moored at Bridge 56. 

There is a car park just bygones Bridge 57. It was nearly full. The memory gears started grinding. We came back and googled Gopsall Wharf. As soon as the results came up we realised we had done the same in 2009. It is one of the premier gay cruising spots in Leicestershire. We won't be mooring there! 


A couple of weeks ago I was thinking about a walk I did with LJ. Could picture the details. Had no idea where on the system it was. Amazing...yesterday we found it.yards from our mooring.,

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