Friday, 10 June 2016

Where is the Log Burner!!!

A very dull day so we thought  a trip to St Martin. Perfect timing. Just back in the car when the heavens opened.  It is still at it!!

We learnt that the Spanish national football team are staying on the island. The Ile de Re have already adopted them ....... as their second option...Spamish flags everywhere. Though not in this pic!! 

Now tucked up inside and hoping it stops before LJ's next walk. I may be doing my 100 in the pool in the rain.... or maybe not!! 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Eric is our new BF!

Eric....the pool man is,officially,our new best friend. Not sure what was wrong.. But. It only did he get it sorted on Monday...he,popped back last evening to make sure all was well and will be here at least every Saturday for our stay. Oh...and I have his mobile number!! 

After so many visits to Bois we just slip back into the groove and never tire of it.  Our holiday home is 90 seconds from the market and 5 min walk to the main beach. The beach just a bit further along is almost empty and it goes on .... for what seems like forever,  Bit too far for LJ to walk these days but he made pals there last year at the evening dog session so we will be back once the car is sorted. For now we can make do with this!!