Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Edited higlights

I started to write more about our travels this year to go with the photos in the calendar. It sort,of turned into a book! The short version is ...

Desperate to get off the K&A but the river not being helpful. Thought of everything..including being lifted out! Finally, the route westwarsds opened and off  we quickly as possible at the end of March.

In May we arrived on the Fens!  I forget how many hundreds of locks made up that journey. I think the record was 43 doubles in one day...including the Hatton Flight. NB Now or Never arrived just as we were about to stop and almost before we knew it we were at Calcutt.

After that it seemed an easy cruise to Northampton. The Nene was kinder to us this year but we were on a mission and did not linger. Stopped this time at Elton and found our pub of the year.

Peterborough for shopping and then the Middle Levels. The Great Ouse calling us.

And, except,for assisting in the recovery of a body, it has been, perfect, absolutely perfect boating. We had taken a mooring at the Fish and Duck outside Ely. Quickly realised we weren't on it enough to make it cost effective. Found in September that our first choice EA mooring at Denver was vacant ..... and that is now our base. Non residential which suits us.

Will we ever leave?

QISMA 2014 Calendar October to December


River Cam

Wicken Fen

Not in October


River Little Ouse 


Downham Relief Channel

River Wissey

Christmas Day

Denver Complex


QISMA 2014 Calendar....June - September


Out and about on the River Great Ouse


Out and about on the River Great Ouse


Brampton Mill

Secret Spot

Just cruising



Kings Lynn

And back

QISMA 2014 Calendar...January to May


LJ's winter break....Newport, Pembrokeshire


A long month -  despite the lack of days hoping the K&A would start to behave. 


We finally leave the marina ...heading west to the Fens! 

Nice to be out



The big adventure

Bristol to Portishead

Portishead to Sharpness


Across country and on the Fens