Monday, 31 March 2014

Understatement of the year competition entry

Back to QISMA today. Huge improvement in the flow past us ... We are officially
hopeful that we will get out next week. Even if we can't get past Woolhampton or through Reading just yet.

LJ booked in for a haircut on Friday and I'm taking the car back to Tyruched on Saturday so come next Tuesday morning we will be poised or on our way. I'm almost certain Pete and Vicki will hear the cheers in New Zealand.

Sods Law came into play whilst we were way - two sets of friends passing through Newbury tried to find us! Sorry to have missed both of them. Actually really sorry.

At Alistair's parents this weekend.  Their garden is starting to blossom

Invited to lunch yesterday by Alistair's sister.  Lovely for June to have both her children with her on Mothering Sunday. Long time since that happened.

LJ totally disgraced himself and shamed us by cocking his leg up against some curtains within 30 seconds of arriving. Actually,against some rather fabulous and no doubt expensive, brand new curtains. I think an Alpha male thing as they have a boy terrier.. Less than five minutes after that he knocked a glass over with his tail and it smashed on a cream carpet. Fortunately, in the loosest sense,of the word, it was empty,so no 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 moment. That came later and didn't involve him!  To say he was not flavour of,the month with me is a candidate for my annual understatement,of the year contest!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Into our routine

Being in Hay is as near to baiting as we can get ashore. We've got the  fab River Wye on our doorstep - well just down the hill, we have stunning countryside and a very relaxed routine. LJ is in his element with some swimming every day. We're on the move on Friday. Down to Dorset to see Alistair's parents - our pre cruising visit. Nice that we'll be there for Mothers Day.  Then we'll be back to Newbury on Monday and get ready to go .... Not next week though. In our heads any day before the 11th April will be a bonus.  I'll be bringing the car back here at the end of next week and then and then and then .....

So the last Hay photos for a while

This is an old friend. I bought him for Janie almost 20 years ago

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hope is springing

Latest news is that County Lock - the very shallow and lock with fiendish influence that lies between us and freedom might be open in two weeks. This is good news, well it is good news anyway, but good for us as that's what we've been planning for. Believe me we will be ready. Mentally, emotionally and physically ... Did I leave anything out?

Meanwhile, enjoying what the March weather has to throw at us.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Light Tunnel At End The Of

The Canal and River Trust have sent out a missive explaining why the K&A hasn't been able to open for boating. I know it seems obvious to any of us that have sat for months watching it flow at twice it's usual rate but not everyone has had that ...... What Is the word I'm looking for?

The good news is that they promise, sort of, light at the end of the tunnel, with the prospect of opening by Easter. Pass the Pearson's and let's get calculating. 60 hours to the Northampton Arm via the Oxford.

If we can't go boating .....

Then we like to be in Wales. And you can see why ... And the Wye (ouch!)

Friday, 7 March 2014

Cabin Fever

I really do hope all of you who are out there ... boating and those getting ready to go .... boating have a fantastic time. Honestly I do. But us poor boaters stuck on the K&A, with the river section flow twice the level it was last year at this time - well, we can't go ....... boating.  Realistically we can't even think about  going .... boating.  No need to feel sorry for us. We all feel sorry for ourselves and each other!

Breaking rules

One of the reasons my friend Janie and I have remained friends for over 40 years is that we are never together for the England v Wales or Wales v England 6 Nations match. Tomorrow we are off to Tyruched for a week. Fingers crossed.

Fortunately, the opposing  supporters don't have to be in the same room. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

All quiet on the a Newbury Front

In charge at the marina at the moment. Very quickly into the routine. Not as much work as last time because there are no leaves to collect which was a seemingly never ending task.

Emma and Derek are in the Canary Islands so enjoying some sunshine. Though we have had a fantastic day today - very Spring like.

One of the advantages of  our mooring is that we're at the end of the line for foot traffic so LJ can sit outside . Though for some reason he prefers to sit by Nick's boat and not ours. Go figure.

 I got sent this lovely close up of him yesterday by his Auntie Lil. Already a favourite,