Thursday, 31 December 2015

Health, happiness and plain sailing

Wishing everyone health and happiness for 2016. May the road, or waterway, ahead be clear. May the views be stunning and the company good. I wish you joy.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

We'll be OK!

We were booked to come down onto the Montgomery Canal today. A call about 1000 from the lock keeper to check we were on schedule for 1200.  When he heard we'd moored at the top of the Flught last night he offered to take us down early. Yeah!

So, by lunchtime we were on a middle of nowhere mooring. We can see one farm and a house. Welsh hills in the distance. We are hoping no fireworks over New Year!

Knowing there are only 3 or 4 other boats down here we were surprised to see two boats coming along heading towards the flight about 1545. I think they were surprised to see us. I  also think we were on their chosen mooring! Probably their last night down here.  Hey ho!

 Lovely house!

Plans are to take things easy and let the bad weather through. We have a DVD pike and our books. Don't worry about us!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

And a Merry Christmas to you!!

Whizzed...honestly...into Whitchurch yesterday to collect Christmas Order from Sainsbury's. Also managed to pick up a couple of the best Stollen slices I have ever eaten. And I lived in Germany for a good few years!  Shame I didn't  get the name of the bakers but it is in the High Street. Enough.

Then we had a terrific cruise. So warm I was without a vest or a cardi! It's true!!

Nothing moving except us...or so it seemed. Settled on our Christmas mooring. All well in our world. 

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Christmas. 

Friday, 18 December 2015

From a distance

Today started well, very well. We had grocery delivery booked between 0900-1000. We felt sure we wouldn't be in anyone's way on the lift bridge mooring. Got into position at 0846. Van arrived 0846. Under bridge and on our way with groceries packed 0855. 

Lovely countryside as we went along. We had intended to moor on way to Grindley Brook....we have some spots marked from our 2010 visit. But, we were lucky and got LJ into a dog groomer for a ore Christmas shampoo and smarten up. He's being picked up and whisked away from Grindley tomorrow. 

Not that you can miss a boat passing you but we had been on the look out for NB WAIOURU. Almost at Grindley when they hove into view. It was a case of cameras out!  Last seen on the K&A as we escaped after our first winter in Newbury. So Spring 2013. We have been in touch since then and follow the blog! Shame it was an in transit catch up with Tom and Jan. And Tom, we would chance our draft to Llamgollen but, by the time we get there, there is work on a road bridge with Local Authority and the Section to Llangollen will be closed. 

 Looking good! I particularly like Tom's jacket.


So, into Grindley Brook and a smooth run up the flight and staircase and we are settled for the weekend.

Thus  man towing his cruiser down the Llangollen. Ropes looped over his torso as if he was a horse. Then he jumped on and paddled it past the 3 moored boats. No engine. Then back to dragging. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Peace and quiet on the Llangollen Canal......winter boating

This time last year we were happily on the Fens, planning Christmas on the River Wissey. Not convinced we would ever leave. Then wanderlust overcame us as we read blogs of boats out for the winter. Very envious of Louise @Canal_network tweeting from the Llangollen. Somehow the decision was made and on Monday afternoon we arrived! 

Hurleston Flight to ourselves ....perhaps a once in a lifetime thing? 

We had wintered at Swanley Marina in 2011. Stopped to check out the shop in Burland...not that we needed anything. Just as well as it is closed and for sale. 

Had two nights as quiet as could be as we bimbled towards Wrenbury. Our boating antena were telling us the lift bridge would be open early. CRT Contact Us said not. My personal BS antena said they had only read the website. I checked with Northwich office. Surprise! It had opened and they were about to update webpage. Not only that...but this! Arrival timed to perfection.

Wrenbury Post Office in small but bustling convenience store. As remembered ... with delicious cakes!  Here for two nights to facilitate shopping delivery on Friday morning...... between 0900-1000....what were we thinking!

Our overnight stop yesterday put QISMA in festive mood.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Off boat activity

Where were we? Ah yes...hurtling up the Shroppje to get to the dentist. That  went well. I went over to Yorhshire to see Dad and duster Sue. That went well...if you ignore Dad thinking I never send him a Christmas card! Then off to London for this x 2 .....

..... And to catch up with friends. All very successful but totally shattered on return. I walked my legs off!

Friday, 4 December 2015

Fast Cruising......what!!

Delayed at Brewood beach a fallen tree was blocking the canal ahead. Only held us back a day. Thank goodness...the bakers vanilla slices just too good!!

But....whilst we were there, AlIstair lost a crown off a tooth. Not lost. Lost,mitmismstiing, resplendent, waiting,for a trip to the dentist. So, we are on a fast cruise to Nantwich. Wheaton Aston to Market Drayton yesterday trying to keep ahead of the weather.

Sadly, this meant we didn't get to catch up with No Problem. Arriving too late to knock in the evening and they were off early to rescue wood from said fallen tree in the morning. Had really been looking forward to seeing them.,last happened,on the River Great Ouse in the Spring.

A mix of pics...this compulsory permitting...we are thinking Audlem!