Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sailing into the sunset

With the forecast looking particularly grim for the next few days we, reluctantly, decided on an evening cruise into Enniskillen from Inish Davar. It was that or an 0600 start.  We aren't good at early rising but, are firmly

of the view,  that you take the weather you have. Forecasting remains a patch art form!

Just as well, the rain/hail/wind arrived earlier than expected. 0600 was, in one word, filthy. Still is.

I'll be looking for a weather window for LJ's walk .... But think it's going to be a wet one.

Back to Inish Davar. We moored there by accident. We'd intended to moor at Hay Island .. On another evening sailing. We got to Hay to find the pontoon didn't have a walkway to the island. Is our guide out of date or is it temporary? We don't know, but it was turnabout, sail, literally, into the sunset and back to Inish Davar. Lucky, lucky us. We might have missed it this trip.

Unbelievable that we had it all to ourselves.

 Mind you, our previous mooring wasn't too shabby either!  Although dry, we had really strong winds on the wide section of the Loch. We were so sheltered at Tukky Castle. QISMA didn't even move on the mooring.

The pic below is taken just round the corner!

Monday, 25 April 2016


The last few days have definitely been a bimble. Into Enniskilken for a shop and back out again. 

I may have discovered the best butcher in Ireland. Time will tell. 

I did have the best customer service in my far...from Tesco. Short version. Collection order all wrong. Goods not due in until Monday. Manager offered to give me mobile number for me to phone on Monday to say where we moored and he would drive them up!  Not necessary but.... unbelievable!  When I said I'd be back he ordered extra supply to make sure they would be in stock!! 

Did I mention we love it here?

Loch Erne was busy on Saturday. Well, as busy as we've seen it. We probably saw over 20 boats. Mostly in the distance...or passing us!  These three jet skiers were having fun. At the end of the day we still had this mooring to ourselves.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Out of Rosscor with the wind behind us. Waves when we got to the loch but nothing to worry about. Moored at Lustymoor Island with the wind easing all the time. I did ask why we didn't leave an hour later but ........

We had intended to stay two nights at Lindy but woke to such perfect conditions that we couldn't resist sailing.

No question that the pictures tell the story.

Saw our first yachtie...though he was on his engine. We had been wondering where they were hiding! A fisherman told me that boats are like flies in the summer months...everywhere buzzing about. We are sort of hoping that  Irish summers are quite short!

Moored at Tom's Island. Which isn't an island. I'll research Tom later but his island, which is part of Castle Archdale Forest moves into our  favourite mooring spot.

I would have called this blog Bimbling but I think with bimbling you are travelling somewhere but mooching is more a meandering about with no purpose. That's exactly what we're at. Bimbling from tomorrow!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

More of the same!

Days continue to slip by. I can report that, since the last blog, we have shared a mooring. (Not counting Enniskillen). Actually, twice, both nights whilst we were in Beleek. Very swish Hire boats from Aghinver.

Beleek was great for resupply. Everything we wanted on the small High Street a short stroll from the mooring. We were waved off this morning by a local boater whose home overlooked the jetties. A special mention goes to the local coal merchants who delivered to us less than 60 minutes after we placed our order.

Our week also saw us at Castle Caldwell. Amazing walks and hardly anyone there.

Now, well in the middle of nowhere for the weekend. Sunday chicken in the fridge, Internet and TV. Sheltered from the forecasted winds. Over and out. these pics get boring?

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hiding.....from the weather

We had to reject a mooring this week...shock...horror! No walks for LJ. 10 minutes later we arrived at White Island. We didn't have it entirely to ourselves. There was a visit from the RSPB team whilst we were there.

Alistair, I may have mentioned before, always has one eye on the weather. That is a very good thing in these waters. With the forecast ...well pretty dire...we headed for shelter in Castle Archdale. No hardship. It was home to RAF Flying Boats during WWII. Now a good harbour and small mobile holiday home park. Great walks for LJ. Laundry to get the drying done. 

With a window opening on Saturday we were up, LJ walked and away by 0800. Called in at Kesh to resupply and we were off to the seaside. Who would have thought it? Eventually we will probably stop saying this is even better...but it's not happened yet! 

My morning coffe view this morning

Monday, 4 April 2016

Big Sky Country

We dragged ourselves away from Enniskillen ... knowing we have to come back through on our way back and it is the closest town to our mooring....  made it easier!! So heading north into Lower Loch Erne. Every mooring is different but beautiful. We will be here for a while. Taking things slowly and not pushing against the weather. We saw 9 boats on one day! Imagine!! The count gif yesterday was 4. We know it's going to be different in the summer but what a fantastic start we have had.

Foodie Heaven

Two moorings in Enniskillen for us. Well three if you count the stop at the garden centre to spruce up our pots. First at the Erne Centre for a 'big' shop. Including Dunnes which in my life up to now I have only managed to get to when passing through Northampton. 

Then, with a grim weather forecast we moved to a more sheltered spot. This gave us very easy access to the other side of town with the most excellent Stewart's butchers and a cafe/bakery a few doors down selling the largest...and the best merengues I have ever eaten.

Add to the mix great walks for LJ and fair to's a winner!