Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Do not Disturb

Very little to disturb us at Castle Caldwell...once the passenger transfer from a local youth centre had happened. 

Great walks here and the first bluebell of 2017. Just where I thought it would be. No others
for company...not yet.

Then a great cruise back to Tom's Island. It is my favourite spot on the broad lough. Great walks again but it has the edge because of the far reaching views.


Monday, 27 March 2017

it's such a perfect day.......

2 hours 20 minutes. Perfik conditions. One jet ski on the water. Two para gliders in the air. And us.

And the sunset the night before. Just could not capture the 55 shades of pink!

Friday, 24 March 2017

A picture etc etc

Words ...well they almost fail me.

Best day since last summer and the broad lough all to ourselves. Perfik. Add to this a cab ride into Kesh for supplies and it's a ...doesn't get better than this sort of day. The sunset is going to be spectacular.

This is the competition

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The good...the bad...and the downright ugly!

Cold and clear and calm said the forecast. What could be better for a 65 minute cruise up to the wide, or 'big' section of Lough Erne.  (Quotation marks not intended to confuse). We needn't worry about the line on the chart warning of rough seas in strong winds.

 I feel you are all ahead of me. 

You could see the storm advancing and it wasn't a pretty sight. QISMA does so well but, hardly able to see the 20 yards ahead, we had no choice but to ride it out. 20 minutes behind schedule we arrived at Castle Archdale in flat sea and bright sunshine.

Alternative name for this post...never trust the forecasts.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lower Lough Erne ... Feels like we are cruising!

Sadly, St Patrick's Day in Eniskillen was a total wash out. I felt so sorry for all who had put such effort into the day. Our highlight was helping tie up the boat St Patrick arrived on. He,promptly dashed off to get under cover!!

Saturday afternoon and after a stop at Riverside to top up with coal and turf we headed for Lower Lough Erne. We expected to go through the lock - last time we checked there was 3" difference in Upper and Lower loughs but it had evened out so the year remains lock free.

We've been out for a week but we had to be in Eniskillen for a routine medically thingy so more a convenience to get there by boat than a cruise. As soon as we hit the lower lough..... A different feel altogether.

First mooring at Devenish Island. Us and the trip boat .... which was getting ready to depart. Amazing to have this spot all too ourselves overnight.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

A week ahead of ourselves

Three days out in great conditions has us in Enniskilken. Facebook has just told me that we are a week ahead of last year. This time we have asked to stay longer so that we can enjoy the St Patrick Day celebrations tomorrow. Thankfully we can. Then we will head North. With a few trips in and out for supplies.

Replacement chalets at the Kellyhelvin Hotel. Very smart.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Happy Anniversary

The QISMA official 2017 cruise has begun. The winter break was the longest stretch she has been alongside since she was launched in 2010. I hope to be quicklyback into boat routine.....including the blog...if I can just remember what the routine is.

The Woodford River was still high but we had a weather window and took it. Back from LJ's grooming session,at 1500 and just after 1530 we were off. The flow wasn't as strong as it looked from the jetty though the flooding further along was more extensive than we'd expected. Nothing to worry us though.

A gentle cruise up to Trial Bay where we discovered a new rise and fall jetty had been installed over the winter. So much better for LJ as he doesn't have to leap up off the boat. As a large dog, we are told, in human years, he equates to being 82. Doing very well for an octogenarian.

The anniversary? 12 months since we arrived in Ireland. Regrets....not one.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

What a difference a week makes....or doesn't!

The Woodford River has been up and down and up again over the last week. Unfortunately, the days when the river has been down, the winds have been up. So.... the wait to be off continues. We resupplied yesterday in the hope of moving today but 15 hours of rain brought us the highest water levels so far. LJ getting walked between downpours. I am reminding myself that 3 years ago we were so desperate to get underway we were considering bring craned out on the K&A and put back in on the Fens. At least with our Irish attitude we are relaxed about the delay!