Thursday, 18 December 2014

Allow me,to introduce...the very lovely ....Miss Alma Johansen

What a delight to find this young passenger when I got on the train at Ely yesterday. Let me introduce...Miss Alma Johansen. Five years old and less than two months ago she was rescued, matted coat etc etc by a now very proud Dad.  She was a delight. Sitting, with,permission on her blanket on the seat. I was lucky to get a visit and a bit of a cuddle. Sorry to see her leave. 

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Baby It's Cold In There

What a lovely day for a cruise we thought. And we weren't on our own. Just as we were thinking of making a move....this post dog walk and a resupply if possibly best shop bought mince pies we have ever eaten, it was rush hour. Or what passes for rush hour in this neck of the woods in December. That translates to two Denver boats heading for the relief channel to get water. Ours is currently turned off for reasons we can all speculate on. If we are right it has worked. Can you turn it back on?

We head for the lock anyway. Much discussion. Would we all get in? Did we know about the chap who delivered coal? Why did we think the water was off? Would we all get in? Where were we going? Would the pubs be open when we got there?

Agreement was reached to try the lock. After a good bit of shuffling and one change of position we were there. No pics, too busy holding ropes and pulling the boat towing a rowing boat into position. 

We left the others behind as they were only for Downham. We went on. 

We had just moored when the extreme swimmers arrived. Brrrrr actually Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Most of them didn't go too far.

But this entrepid swimmer, IN HER BIKINI, went for it.

I think the QISMA catchphrase has to be...we love it here!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I almost wish I'd been awake

Some fab shots on Twitter of sunrise this morning. Thoughts of five years ago. Getting up at 0530 and cycling to the station for the 0605 to London. In the office just as daylight started to arrive. Left after dark. Home at 1900. Those clearly were NOT the days!! 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Come Dine With Me......not really an invitation

The culinary theme for our family holiday in Suffolk. Three down and Alistair to cook tonight. It is Zoe's birthday and there is to be a Chinese Feast. Sadly, it's a £20 prize not £1000 but we don't have the money of Channel 4!

This is the first time we've done this and so far..... Really enjoyable though not without mishap. An infestation of blow flies, which they can't clear effectively because of bats in the loft. The brochure is clever at what it doesn't say. The property they say is on a small development. Well 57 houses to me is NOT small and the development continues. The house we are renting is at the very end and has stunning views. Once inside you can't see the rest.

The view

What we can't see ...thankfully!

The beach at Warlingham

 Looking back at Southwold from Ferry Road

 And the other angle!

A dream house ..taken from the dunes with the North Sea behind me

Liking this heritage boat

 In Southwold.When they finish the build a wall will hide him...wonder who is going,to live,there

So, some issues to raise with the holiday rental company once we get back but....  

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The non waltzing rise and fall

We had an email from the Environment Agency when we were in Ely. The first warning, for us, of fluctuating levels at Denver as they started to discharge water. This because of heavy rain.  We were heading for the mooring anyway as we are off to Suffolk with Alistair's daughter and her family at the weekend.

As usual, once you pass Ely, very little traffic on the river. Quite a flow but a good cruise down. The red flag was flying when we arrived ..not a political affiliation but advice not to be on the move. Oh plans,for that now!

Our mooring here allows us to be onboard for 3 nights from 7. This suits us as we like to be out and about. If we are advised not to move and there is a problem, we have visitors moorings directly in front of us, and across the river and two a few hundred yards behind us. It doesn't make life difficult for us. One of the reasons we took this mooring.

So, our first experience of the Denver rise and fall. Alistair thought he had the ropes sorted and so it was....

We are in a deeper berth than some but so far.... So good

I love the moody grey and the changing light.

We are nicely tucked in and camouflaged.

Now you see the sluice

 And now you don't

Monday, 24 November 2014

A day devoted to ....Lewis Hamilton!

Sunset on Saturday

 Sunrise this morning

And in between 24 hours of non stop grey ...though it didn't rain for all of it.  We did have a nice evening but does it count after dark? Well it did for LJ who was able to sit outside for hours. One of his favourite things and on the list of best things about the Fens! 

Fortunately, we had no plans to move. We came up through Bottisham Lock on Saturday to position ourselves on the Fen mooring before 5 miles from Nowhere. Yesterday was totally devoted to Mr Lewis Hamilton. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

How lucky are we ...... be boating in November sunshine

We left Cambridge this morning. Cleverly combining our departure with, elsen, dog walk, water top up and Tesco shop. Some of these simultaneously.

Yesterday I went to Yorkshire to see my Dad, now happily settled into care. Reminded me a bit of my old WRAC accommodation!!  Communal living always does that. Cambridge isn't the best place to do this from - the railway station a good couple of miles from the river. next month will be from Ely. 5 min max walk from any of the moorings. 

Now we are happily moored back at Waterbeach ...thinking just one night ...or maybe two. 

So pleased to be out and about. Because of our commitments in Newbury we had to stop boating at the end of October last year. Just loving being out.