Monday, 27 July 2015

We did ask...honest!

It seems a long time since we left Waddenhoe. Only Thursday but we're very nearly at the end of our Nene cruise. It all depends on the mooring situation at Weston Favell tomorrow. ifmluck is with us it's two nights at Weston Favell, if not,mit's into Northampton.

Tonight we are at Coggenhoe. Next,to a sign,that says, very clearly, No Mooring, Private Property. You will be prosecuted!, Are we mad? Well, maybe we are. But a phone call this morning gave us the all clear so any madness is unrelated to the mooring situation.

Where have we been between Waddenhoe and here? Sitting out the rain on the way. Two nights at Rushden and Diamonds. An entire stadium and additional sports facilities lying empty. What a waste. Good place to sit out a storm. Not the first time we've done that!!

Civilisation approaches.

But not there quite yet.

A six hour day...not our usual style at all but the sort of weather to just keep plodding on. Also we had heard that the horses roaming at Earls Barton were viscous! 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Musn Grumble

Not a life philosophy but the boat our NZ visitors have rented for six months for the WAKAROA2015 extravaganza tour.

We've been in contact via blog and email for a long time. The 2013/14/15 version of pen pals., Our boating paths have yet to cross. But,with a day to spare on a hire car and moored on the Grand Union at Wheedon, they hopped to Wadenhoe yesterday. We were conveniently moored at the Kings Head. I am delighted to say the food got great marks from the travelling gourmands.

Great to meet up. We hope to see them again before they depart in October.

Pete won the Nex in a blog competition a while ago. I hear it will be drunk,when they finish the tidal Thames!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Not all peace and quiet at Fotheringhay


We made the run from Elton to Fotheringhay for the weekend. We like the failed mooring and are happy to pay the £4 a night. The peace was somewhat shattered by a cruiser who squashed themselves in between  us and a neighbouring NB with about one inch to spare. Six passengers who then unloaded dining table and chairs and proceeded to hold a supper party! I can't tell you what the menu was but the booze flowe and noise levels least they seemed to enjoy themselves!

That was the quiet gone.mthe lack of peace Related to would be very easy for this blog to be all about our dog, Little Josh, or LJ as he is known to his fans. Our days centre round his timetable. Fortunately, he is not an early riser and that suits us well. He was ill late Saturday into Sunday. Such a worry and 3 hours to the vet in Oundle. No public transport. Fortunately, by afternoon he had started to pick up and continued to improve. 

On the phone to the vet at 0800 Monday. On the move to Oundle soon after. Whatever it was left no damage thank goodness.

Topped up and emptied at Oundle Marina. And used the laundry. Moored at the lovely Oundle Cruising Club. Oundle is such a delight. 

With LJ having the all clear, it was on to Waddenhoe and the Kings Head.

   LJ is in there somewhere!


Friday, 17 July 2015

Time for a Rest

Arrived at Elton to find the moorings empty.....hoorah. It's such a pretty village with a great pub. The pub of the year 2014.

We decided to stay two nights. We thought we deserved a rest! is nice to be on the Nene and have time and more importantly the weather to enjoy it. That hasn't always been the case on our five previous outings!

Boy is it quiet. Three boats on the move all day today. We had lovely walks with LJ. Gave the Post Office and shop at bit of business and yes, we managed a pub lunch!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer Cruise

A short pause in our crushing timetable whilst we had a France. Today marks our 'proper' return to boating as we started the journey on the River Nene from Peterborough to Northampton.

An early shower had passed by before we set off and,out came the sun. Very welcome.

We had intended to moor at Alwaton...a favourite of ours. We knew a single handed was coming up behind us with the same plan. Although the mooring was empty and,there is room for two, he had a large German Shepherd and he and LJ had not taken to each other. He was,staying two nights so we decided to leave him,to it and moved on. NB Clarence was very kindly waiting for us in the stunning Water Newton Lock and for the first time on our Nene cruising, we found space to moor at Wansford Station.

Last walk at Peterborough

And off we go

 The lovely River Nene

 Water Newton Lock..and usual thoughts re lottery win

An added attraction

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The polar opposite of dashing

It really has been life in the slow lane. We've seen a few boats ...and been surprised when it happened.
Tuesday saw us in Ramsey. Just enough room for us to turn. Had a look round. Got a few supplies. Decided to move out to the countryside for the night. 

I know, like us on previous trips, most boats dash across the Middle Levels. We are never going to do that again.

 Found a lovely spot. Wish we could have stayed longer.


 But just half an hour away.......

Thursday and it was time to move into March. Boat to be blackened. Car to be collected. Holiday to go on.....yes I do know what that sounds like!

Busy in March but we happy with our mooring on the recreation ground. Now in Fox's and tomorrow we head to Folkstone and Le Shuttle

Monday, 25 May 2015

Isolation Ward

That's what we call stretches of water with no boating  traffic. This section of the Middle Levels will be it..  until we pass this way again......talking years here!

With some low bridges ahead Alistair did some rearranging of the roof. Our profile, including top boxes  and two planters was 1.77 as we set off today.  With no moorings between Three Hokes and Ramsey we knew it would be on the bank tonight. Now, easily,  on a rough mooring on Vermuyden's or Forty Foot Drain. That's March you can see in the distance from the top of bank.

 QISMA in stealth mode.

 One of those big dogs.