Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Officially old

Into Cambridge on the train for my dental appointment. Fair old walk from the station but delighted to discover it is an area I had wanted to explore AND just the far side of Midsummer Common so an easy walk if we get on the VM.

Good news and bad news on the dentists. Excellent surgery. Brand new and I not only,had my,check up I say the hygienist for round 1 of treatment. Round 2 is on Friday....followed by the extraction of a back tooth that is loose!!  The hygienist was. Without a doubt, the best I have ever encountered. Will be going back with almost, a spring in my step.

So, I head for the train back. Half my mouth frozen solid.  With getting same day treatment I was a bit later than planned. Rush hour. The train was packed but I was only on for 6 minutes. I tucked myself in between 3 passengers and their bicycles. Perfik.

Leaving the train at Waterbeach and preparing to swop footwear for the walk over a field to QISMA. A young man stops to tell me he had been trying to catch my eye since I got on the train offer me his seat. Not only that but if I was ever on the train with him again his seat was mine!!! Of course I said thanks but had to laugh and tell him he had made me feel ancient!! His reply was, well you have got grey hair so you obviously have a few years on me. What a lovely chap. His Mum//DadWife/Husband etc etc would be proud of him.

This hair growing out has it's advantages!!!!

And a seat on the train!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Things take a medical turn

One question non boaters always ask is how do you manage for Dr or Dentist. Last week Alistair needed both.

The Dr wasn't a problem. We registered with a surgery in Ely last year. After a chat with a Dr on the phone he got an emergency appointment the same day.

The dentist was more difficult. No dentist in Ely could see him but on the second round of calls we were told to phone NHS 112. Well, of course, we've heard the horror stories but it couldn't have been better. A very switched on woman called Kim asked a range of questions ...and managed not to make it sound as if she was going through the motions. Alistair was given th number of a Cambridge dentist. 5 minutes later he was on the way to the station. 30 mi Utes after that he was at the surgery.
The dentist could only do work to provide pain relief. For Alistair it was carry out the first of 3 sessions of root canal work - with no guarantee of saving the tooth - or taking it out. Out it came.

We both have check ups arranged in Cambridge this week.

If  there are blog readers in Norwich or Ely who know the chap and the nurse who helped when Alistair fainted on the train back to Ely please pass on our thanks!

The medical stuff over we moved off for a quiet weekend.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Luck was with us

Not the brightest of mornings but the wind has died down. We had no choice really but to move.....I had run out of 'my' off to Littleport it was. 

We didn't quite have the river to ourselves but we are completely legal and not breaking,the speed limit so it was just a wave from this team.

We have never made it onto this mooring but today luck was with us. Denver moored Andy popped his head out to ask where we were going. I said here....he was just about to leave.....perfik. 

Resupply done...and a 'bonus' trip to the launderette and yesterday it was into Ely.

another familiar craft as we approached. When we came back last May this houseboat was moored in the centre of Ely. We wondered how he had obtained permission. He hadn't. Most of this winter he moved around the Denver moorings. At one point he was asking for a tow to Kings Lynn........ Unlikely! He ended his stay tied onto some pilings. Now he is on an EA work site. What next?

I always love the first sighting of Ely Cathederal. 

And the waterfront. Fair to say I am a huge fan of Ely!

Our second but of luck was to get on the first moorings. Ely Council have a stumbling block re enforcement and these boats have, quite legally, been on the moorings all winter. I believe for free. Further down, outsidemThe Cutter, NB Bamboo has been there for at least 2 years. The Council are consulting on how to solve the enforcement issue. We suggested they talk to some of the Thames local authorities rather than rewrite the manual. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Weekend on the Wissey

A very quiet weekend on the Wissey. One boat went past us so we didn't have it entirely to ourselves! Great walks for LJ. Had a Barn Owl flying parallel to us on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, we had disturbed it eating. LJ managed to swallow whatever creature it had been whole made a return appearance on Sunday day morning....sorry for that!

Today, we had gusting wind but nothing too bad, so started to make our way slowly towards Ely. Our engine is being serviced there on Friday.

Tucked on EA moorings with water at Hilgay Bridge. 1700 as I'm writing this. We still have wind but we've also got some late afternoon sunshine. i

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Not pushing ourselves

 The rest of the ✔️✔️✔️ in place...water, elsen, rubbish and it's goodbye to our mooring at Denver Complex.  

We weren't going far. With high winds forecast, out intention was to head onto the Wissey, turn and moor up at one of our favourite GOBA moorings. We spent Christmas there.

You'll notice I said ...our intention. The turn on the Wissey is very tight, with moored boats on one side.

We can usually make this......but not today!! We are a bit laden up front and it made a difference...either,that our our Captain wasn't on form.

 The next, and last, opportunity was at Hilgay. A rowing boat tied up just in the wrong place. But, with he prospect of an extra 2 hours cruising and the rain coming down we persevered. Sadly no pic as I was busy leaning over from the well deck to push the rowing boat out of the way! Only took 3 attempts. I did get a very rare well done...good start to our 2015 cruise!

Here we are for the weekend.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Off we jolly well go

Headlight out of hibernation and polished ✔️

 Flower pots replenished✔️✔️

Vistit to Yorkshire to see Dad ✔️.. Journey starts at the fabulous Downham Market Station Cafe

And ...goodbye Denver. See you in May!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Episode 2 . Final resting place?

We didn't have to wait long for Episode 2 of the last voyage. She was on the trailer and on the move by Sunday lunchtime.

I already knew where she was heading. Her route went past us.

And just a but further

And an extra stroll for LJ brought us alongside. She is now only a few yards from her mooring!

Is she going to go for scrap or move into the farmyard?