Thursday, 18 September 2014

From 6 knots to ZERO in a nano second!

Just sat down to write the blog and we hit a sandbank  ..  a wtf moment ... even though I knew the answer! Hmm. Some 3 hours later and many sandbanks behind us, we learnt that the tide was 'suppressed ' ie running late ... an event that can't be predicted and if that wasn't enough ... the EA had 'lost' a metre of water. Hey HEYS ....we made it.

One of many hazards least we didn't have trouble getting under the bridges ... and,the,sun was shining!

Now where was I? Just about to say what a fab visit we had to Kings Lynn. Or Lynn,as we now know to call it.

The town centre is yards from the mooring. Good walks for LJ who was much admired - so it gets his vote.  Everyone was very friendly and the old part of the town is very appealing. I'm not turning my nose up at the new town centre but one shopping precinct is much like another

We had high hopes of the Tuesday Market.This square is called the Tuesday Market Place. Sadly this pic was taken on a Tuesday.

I love mooring on a rising pontoon. at high tide you could see QISMA from quite far back on the jetty. At low tide you had to peer over the edge.

And we were on the webcam!

 I waited all week to catch a shot of the very mid channel .. it IS there!

This sculpture .. I think that would be the right description, was my favourite thing ... And right opposite the entrance to the moorings.

So..... An hour and 30 minutes behind schedule,we went past Salters Lode Lock and got a great view of their sandbank.

A beautiful sight any day ... But especially welcome today

And, if this wasn't enough Picassa have changed the way I load pictures mid Blog!!

Enough already, I think the pub!!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We are in port!

I love the view of Denver Sluice.

We were given a time slot of 1230 to go through Denver a Lock because, to quote the Lockie, the 'normal' people are going through from 1140!

Well, they thought they were, but the tide disagreed with that. We were moored on the far bank but, at 1210' when there was still no movement, Alistair phoned across and we told we could go through. We didn't know the problem was they were just waiting for the water levels to settle.

Our movement started action on two of the three boats moored at the lock waiting to go through Salters Lode and onto the Middle Levels. Queue jumpers Ahoy!  The third boat, being from March, was more relaxed! Oh dear...they got a telling from the Lockie  'get those ropes back on you aren't going anywhere!' and we got 'looks'!

Past the entrance to Salters Lode and a wave from their Lockie. Onto waters new.

Unlike the Thames, no desire able, or otherwise, properties to ogle at on this cruise. A lot of this..

A bit of this ..

 And a factory to rival the sugar beet job

And a bit over two hours later Kings Lynn where I could watch our arrival on the jetty live webcam!

 Tide in

Tide out

These moorings were only opened last year. At £50 a night ... Ouches (as LJ might tweet) but budgeted for!

 Our view this morning!

And the view of us

Saturday, 13 September 2014

A little night music

And I've spent the first half an hour of today listening to owl calls to try, without success, to identify which owl provided the avpccompaniment to sunset last night.

Any road up .... Yesterday ... Brilliant sunshine. A fantastic off river walk for the three of us ... And that doesn't happen many mornings. 

 And we found the non navigable relief channel for the Wissey. We thought ... Well very Canal du Midi ... But what do we know!

 LJ leading the way home. Desperate for a swim but  nowhere for him to get in.

Our nighbours moved on at lunchtime and we leapt into action to move into their spot so anyone arriving would be 'behind us'. Odd that we hadn't done this when we moored up because it IS our default. We were in the Middle of the tow when a boat appeared. He didn't stop but did complain that our ex neighbours in a 35 footer were in the middle of the channel and wouldn't move over for him.   Life's rich pattern. 

Apart from swimming, his grub and sleeping, LJ loves nothing more than being outside for the day. Too hot for some of yesterday but as it cooked he enjoyed a lite snack.

 And sunset, with said owl providing the acoustics. Only four boats on the move all day...... Fill in the blank!

Friday, 12 September 2014

We wondered why .....

I am of course paraphrasing the marvellous Mr Curtis Stigers ...

Yesterday we made it onto new waters. The River Wissey. I went into a Tweet frenzy as we went down. The guide says turn onto lake .... Stunning!

A hazard at the first bridge but thegn moved very quickly to let us through and were all so cheerful

 And then three lots of  lovely  GOBA moorings ahead.... More of these later

We'd heard that  there was a building site next to the moorings at Hilgay
 so weren't disappointed to find they looked less than attractive. On we went.

The next feature is the infamous sugar beet factory. It is HUGE

And then ... Instructions are .. Turn left onto the lake .....

And it went on and on ..... 

The end of the navigation is just past the last mooring opportunity at a caravan park. We had already decided NFU .. not for us as we went past.

The end of navigation and,fortunately a field,for us to get LJ off for a quick quick. It would make ideal mooring!

So, what had we wondered... We had wondered why so many boaters went up and down the Wissey and now we know why.  The lack of mooring opportunities.

We stopped at Hilgay for a quick run to the butcher/store and we carried on to the fab GOBA moorings we passed early on. Still empty. HOORAH.

Not 20 minutes after we moored another boat pitched up and ... Of course .... Ignored ALL the empty moorings and moored 3 feet from our bow ...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Nothing much to report

Thankfully, the cows made the return journey whilst we were still in bed and without troubling us. A lazy start to the day followed by a long walk for LJ, before making our way back to the Little Ouse Moorings for our fuel. What nice people they are. We are lucky, we can make tthe turn by the fuel jetty with a couple of inches to spare. 

LJ was banned from the stern as we left... He would have been over excited by the craft following us and gone in

We've seen two boats on the move today. Two boats!

And our current cow free mooring at Hilgay Bridge.  In this sunshine I feel a BBQ coming on.