Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Winter cruise frame of mind

hoping for more good weather...of course! But, arriving on the Shroppie seems to have clicked a gear in my head. Our winter plans include extended cruising on the Shroppie and Llangollen so our pace of life, will slow even further. How can that may well ask! Stay with us and see. 

We were lucky with our weather yesterday. Only 90 mi Utes of rain and 3 dry walks for LJ. 

Getting on for dusk last night when the coal boat came along. Doing good business. We saw 3 other boats use him in the short stretch in view and 2 more on long term moorings as we walked LJ. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

We're on the Shroppie!!

Always sung on arrival to the tune of We're in the Money......for those old enough to know what I'm talking about. The rest of you....please forget I spoke!

It hadn't been our plan to move.... Why would we when we were here...

But with bad weather forecast we decided to push on through Middlewich.

Only the fifth boat in the queue to go up the flight. Two complete novices at 2 and 3. Lovely team on Oh Be Joyful in front of us.  A volunteer appeared but left when one boater asked why he'd lowered a paddle before the lock was full. I think it was home time anyway! First volunteer we'd seen since the Coventry!

No-one joined behind us and with only one boat coming down I'd helped work the bottom lock ...however many times it was before we got in. Those bottom paddles are a...nightmare?

Then onto the Shroppie. Always makes me think of our pals from GOLDENGIRL. Sadly no longer boating. Even worse...back at work in their hotel. If you ever need B&B in Snowdia let me know!!

About 1715 when we got the pins in. Shattered. How quickly we get soft. It was early to bed to read.

Woke to bright sunshine. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Too laid back?

If there is such a thing as too laid back...well that's us after our 12 days on the River Weaver. Blessed with near perfect Autumn weather.

Friends came to join us for the lift back to the T&M. Totally fascinated by it. But really how could you not be? They really enjoyed their first experience of being gongoozled!

Turned on Saturday to start our Winter cruise And the day ended at Billinge Green Flash 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

To the rescue!

As rescues go it wasn't the least bit spectacular but full marks to the young chap being recovered who stayed completely calm throughout!

We'd moved into Winsford in search of TV signal for the rugby. Sigh.

Good moorings, with water. Provided by the council on the very edge of the flash. 

We were told 45 boats in the area for the festival last weekend. Two overnighting yesterday. 

Absolutely fantastic weather today. Moved just a bit out of town to a park/woodland area below Morrisons. Fantastic walks for LJ. So laid back after our two weeks on the Weaver!! 

Reading about our pals on the Rochdale and rethinking our 2016 plans!!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Us...we're bumbling!

We are so lucky to be able to take our time on the Weaver. It's our kind of cruise! It is making us lazier than ever but we need to make the transition down to Autumn pace...I think it's working! We are still west of Northwich. The joys of continuous cruising!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Now for something completely different

After 30 years at sea, our Captain could not resist the call of the Manchester Ship Canal. Not on it...this time....but moored next to it over the weekend. That did mean giving up our rural view but hey, once in a while, we don't mind a chemical works as neighbour.

Only us down there this weekend. One passing rower on the Weaver. Traffic on the ship canal was double that! One result, after several years, Alistair finally got our vhs fully operational!!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Well worth the schlep!

Disappointed with my photos of the Penines yesterday. The River Weaver gave me another chance today. A quick trip to Waitrose and we were off.....though not what you would call early by any means! With, we learnt, 45 boats headed to Winsford for the festival we did the only sensible thing....headed in the opposite direction! 

When we set off from the Fens aiming for the Weaver we knew it was going to be good but it is in fact, boating heaven. 

Across the train

Yorkshire bound to see Dad and Sister Sue. Ticked off sightings of T&M, Macclesfield and South Yrkshire Navigation en route. The Macce was a the wrong train on way back so changed at Manchester instead of Stockport! Pin my did arrive at 1700 when my train was due and there had been no announcement to say it was delayed!

Excellent lunch with Sue,mthe not equally good shop. Dad on good form. And the scenery.....