Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What are the chances?

Up at sparrows and off to the Tower to see the poppies with less than 50 people there. Thousands and thousands there during the day yesterday.

Look what else caught my eye......

I so want to find out who this is so I can let them have the pic. 

Monday, 27 October 2014

Siting at a railway station ... Ticket for my destination

In an hour I will be leaving this behind

 View to Downham from the Sluice..can't quit see the station!

 Off to see the poppies

And then these guys... who we know are on their way

Will he miss me?

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Get out that suitcase.....

A busy day on Friday. All the weekend chores complete. I would put a big smiley in here but know it won't transfer over when the blog is published.

I have also been trying to pack for my trip... As much as possible out of site of Alistair and LJ. Obviously Alistair knows I am going away but I don't want to be insensitive ... Perish the thought .. Moi?

So I AM trying to keep the lid on my excitement and not doing too badly considering I am off on a two week all expenses paid trip to South Africa on Tuesday AND seeing The Marvellous Mr Curtis Stigers at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday AND also seeing the poppies.

What did get into my bubble  was tonight's sunset

Friday, 24 October 2014

New waters ...on the Little Ouse

In our two boating seasons here, one short, one long, we hadn't cruised on the Little Ouse, well not beyond getting fuel at Little Ouse moorings...about half a mile in. This week, it was time.

All the Great Ouse tributaries are very different. We kept waiting for the Little Ouse to get narrow but mostly it is fairly wide. The two GOBA moorings too muddy and marshy for us so we kept on. Our mistake, not to be repeated, was to head straight there from Ely. It would have been better to overnight on the way.

We plodded on, LJ with his lovely long legs crossed ... eventually finding a 'wild' mooring about an hour from the end of navigation.  A lightly used railway line very close and.. We later discovered .. We were nicely poised to get the full thrust of aircraft departing Lakenheath. That WAS loud but enthralling as we watched a few planes hit the night sky and being pretty sure where they were headed.

Off fairly early. ...for us...yesterday. The farmer was around but didn't come to chase us off, which was a relief. It would make a lovely GOBA mooring!

We had planned to moor at what, for us at 58 FT is the end of navigation at Brandon. We lost Tuesday to the wind and rain and with rain forecast for today we decided to start heading back. Of course, the result of that was that the day ended on our mooring at Denver.

Little Ouse

Unexpected danger

Grateful for this Wild mooring

 Getting some attention

The end for us ... The lock is too small

EA Moorings

Restoration challenge! 

 Home mooring

 Feeling good

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dark clouds overhead

We arrived at Waterbeach just ahead of these clouds but the weekend was dry. The small Marina next door has a pet sheep. The largest sheep I have ever seen ... And I lived in the Falklands for nine months!

Crossed the lock and found more lovely walks. This is the way to Lode which, at 5 miles for the round trip is a bit too far for LJ now he can suffer with a bit of arthritis.

With gale warnings and our hours up we moved into Ely. Next week it will be this dark at 1700 and it will feel like winter. 

 We had strong, but not gale force winds gusting through the day and some heavy showers but all in all ...

From the blogs I follow seems not as bad as forecast. In 1990 I very briefly worked in the section at MoD that funded Met Office equipment ..I never understood how they could spend so much with such poor results ......

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mended and on the move ....����������

We are boating! After a couple of stressful days with the engine and electrical problems. The engine was simply a hose reaching the end if it's life but the initial repair was a half done job .... Just what you don't need. Especially when it seems likely RCR probably only have one engineer for this area. Not inspired with confidence.

Thanks for the messages from a host of friends.

Now we are happily moored in Waterbeach. We like it here. I seem to use that phrase a lot! Lovely cruise from Cambridge. A number of rowing crews out but, despite what we have heard, we have never had any trouble with rowers here. We slow down. Are happy to follow them. They say thanks. We say enjoy. Doesn't quite work like that on the Thames ...or on the Wissey where one chap takes his 'learner' rowers and it really isn't wide enough.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Something from the Twittersphere

I know Twitter is not for everyone. I love it and have made some great boating and non boating pals. As the saying goes, you know who you are. It is the same for LJ.. He has one incredibly amusing pal who we call VP!!

More to the point. Here are just a couple of pics that I have loved this week and would not have seen 

Do you think this boater knows? 

And one from me ...why?


QISMA is proper poorly

Poor QISMA ... broken down in Cambridge ... No honestly! RCR came out on Tuesday. Came back yesterday with a bit of hose but repair hasn't held. The pipe has split elsewhere. Thing is. The shuffling around sorting it out brought extra problems and at one point today we had no electrics, the batteries wouldn't charge from the generator and we couldn't start the engine because the hose is useless. Not the best of days.

I have to say Alistair was brilliant ... Please note I said this... And persevered until all problems, except the hose, are now sorted. We await the return of the repair man.