Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bloggers ... we're a bit like buses

Well, not quite like buses, there was a day between them! I was just getting ready to walk LJ when Fiona and John on NB Epiphany came alongside. They arrived from behind us so they spotted us before we spotted them. Also, they had stopped at NB No Problem, so may have had an inkling as to where we were moored! 

 We hadn't met before. Though Fiona and I see each other's footprints regularly on the Twitter and have been known to share a comment or three! It was good to meet them after years of following their blog. We hope they enjoy their time on the Fenland Waterways.

And off they go.


 As expected, more boats out yesterday than we had seen added together in the last month.  I do have one question....with several miles between locks at their disposal did the neat blue day bust have to choose to feed swans right next to us. LJ was very cross!!

I had a couple of great phone chats with the NZ crew, Vicki and Pete of NB Musn Grumble. Blogging as WAKAROA2015 Vic and Pete are here for 6 months. Currently on River Aire heading for the L&L. Give them a shout if you see them. They will be hard to miss!

And another lovely sunset

Friday, 1 May 2015

In the nick of time

23 months ago, almost to the day, we put on a spurt, we were on a mission to catch some Nene/Fens  aficionados on the Northampton Arm before they moved onto the GU and were lost to us! That was how we came to meet the crews from No Problem and Matilda Rose. Thank goodness for blogs. Both were so generous in passing on top tips and even a secret mooring!!

We knew No Problem was behind us. Our money was on spotting them yesterday. I had to move quick. We have a tree in front of us, so they were almost past with Sue inside and Vic focused on the lock. They were so quiet but my head popped up just in the nick of time.

I was ready to head for the lock...but not the same as a quick turn, coffee, tea, cake and a natter.

So round she goes and ties up nicely alongside.  By which time, the kettle was on.

It was non stop chatter and they went. We might be filling the locks they emptied next week!!

Glad you enjoyed the cake Sue but their cherry and almond slab cake is half the price and I think better! I will stock up in St Ives....just in case. 

I may have said this before, in one or two other places, but LJ loves it here. 

Thursday, 30 April 2015


This week is dedicated to bimbling...on what might be our favourite section of the River Great Ouse. We decided to do that, rather than push on towards Bedford. So we've been between Barford and St Neots and back.  We know we have to start to head back. Appointments mid May in the Ely/Denver areas....and we don't want to rush!!

Yesterday we had three boats pass by.  Need I say more?

Leaving Offord Lock

Scenes from a favourite spot

Cruising to St Neots

St Neots Lock

And back

Monday, 27 April 2015

We call it VW....Vinnie's Weekend

The boys met on Friday evening. It went well.

 First walk on Saturday...come on LJ.this way!

Prep for his photo shoot....and the result


Don't do it LJ...there  is water down there! likes it!

Is this for real?  VP with a foot in!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Better get ready.... a VP is expected

Car delivered to Wales where it has been safe for the last ... Well almost 5 years.  Back to fantastic weather and cruising on a stretch we love on my favourite river. What could be better?

In St Neots now to catch up on some shopping. We have special visitors due this weekend and a VP. Not a typo!

The weather forecast is not good. Happily, catering arrangements are now in place for all eventualities.

We even had lock buddies in two locks this week.....can't even remember when that last happened!!


 The marvellous River Great Ouse

 Dragon Boat practice St Neots

Friday, 17 April 2015

Non boating blog

Faith in human nature somewhat restored ...the garage repairing the car only charged us for parts! Can you believe it!!

So, Monday lunchtime we were on the road heading for West Sussex to meet Eadie, Alistair's 5 day old granddaughter and see the rest of the family. My friend Marion was putting us up so lots of catching up boxes ticked we will next see them all on the Il de Re in June.

 Climping Beach ....looking very like Bois Plage en Re

LJ and Max enjoying their outing

Moved on to Dorset on Thursday to see Alistair's parents. Friday it's back to QISMA
via Bicester...Al's son, daughter in law and four month old grandson. of us will be of us will be taking the car to it's Welsh home.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

LJ is famous!

The disaster with the car overshadowed everything yesterday. Still feel dreadful. Moving swiftly on. We worked Alustair through the lock at Godmanchester yesterday. Wind not too bad. NB Teal on the 48 hour mooring spotted me and LJ doing the prep and said 'this must be LJ' he is famous!!  His Tweet buddies thrilled for him.