Saturday, 28 December 2013

How was it for you?

Ours was peaceful and quiet which is just the way we like it on QISMA. I hope you enjoyed yours. We finally stopped running hither and thither last Sunday. Good to get a week off  from travelling before we head to Dorset for New Year.

We did make some unusual friends over the holidays. The semi resident swans seem to have taken to us. I don't know why as we don't encourage them but now they even ignore LJ if we come across them on the tow path.

What did you think of the TV over Christmas? My memory might not be what it once was but I thought it the worst ever. With just a couple of exceptions. Thankfully we had Band of Brothers to fall back on ... So to speak.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mixed bag

Back briefly from Torquay. In time for the Christmas drinks on Thursday, organised by Peter and Stephanie from Maggie May. They did a cracking job, even with the weather, the rain held off for just long enough.

Friday it was down to Midhurst. I was staying with LJ's Auntie Lil aka known as Marion. Alistair was off to West Sussex on Saturday on Gramps duty. Marion and I had our evening arranged, mac, cheese and bacon, pink cava and the final of Strictly. Two dogs, one cat, hardly seen when LJ is around. Couple of walks, dodging the rain. Booked for more of same next year.

Today, Marion's Mum arrived for Christmas. Two plus one out and one in at The Park! Lovely to see Daisy. She had some tablet training from our Captain. He should develop a sideline!

Now back on QISMA just one shopping trip and four dog walks from Christmas.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

By the seaside

The view from our current location. The last of the pre-Christmas family visits - well,the last if you don't count Alistair being on Gramps babysitting duties in West Sussex on Saturday.

After 14 hours of rain, it eased just before we left Newbury to drive down. A welcome relief. Traffic,was light and we made really,good time until we hit school traffic as we came into Torquay.  Here just as it got dark and this was the welcome.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Can we catch up with ourselves?

Life is certainly different at the moment. We were with Alistair's daughter Zoe, her husband Paul and their daughter Lexie for a long weekend.

We stay at a hotel - mainly because it stops us from being on top of each other and to keep LJ and their Bobby apart. They just do not take to each other. We've found a fantastic bargain not too far away where we can stay with LJ. The public areas are quite posh .. But we don't trouble them very much!

Great walking from the hotel, including my favourite extra large sheep. It's OK, I do know they are Llamas!

On Saturday we had the delight of Lexie, aged 18 months, for 24 hours. I hope she never changes character because she was a delight and slept through the night. I think they black out strength curtains helped. 

On Sunday I went up to London to catch Curtis Stigers with his band at Ronnie Scott's. Absolute magic. Only outing with the band this year in UK and they were HOT. 

It was good to get back on board and to start to think about dressing QISMA for Christmas. I think she's looking pretty neat.

Now we've got a few days to settle ourself down. 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Always sad ....

Lovely walks in the woods just yards from Marion's house. So many you could never get bored by the same route.

These photographs are taken at the memorial tree planted in honour of Cpl David Connor Royal Marines who was killed in Afghanistan. His family and friends have planted a tree and the other  photo is the view.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Special delivery

We weren't planning on putting the decorations up until next week but ..........

Sunday, 1 December 2013

A brief visit .... to QISMA

Three nights in Dorset where LJ gets,some fantastic walks

We were out nice and early this morning so had the miles and miles of woods almost to ourselves. The early start was courtesy of the newspaper being delivered before 0700. Too much for LJ who was overcome with excitement!!! 

Now he's back on patrol on familiar territory