The Crew


Josh is the "boss " of the boat. What he wants he generally gets, and the rest of the crew's lives orientate around him.

Josh is a Labradoodle  born on 29 March 2006

His full name is Joshua Bandanna.

His parents:
The sire:  Templars Murphy; a black multi generation Labradoodle from labradoodle parents, grandparents  and various labrador, standard poodle and labradoodle Great Grandparents but whose Great Great Grandparents were Crufts champions Crosscoyed Cotton on Quick  and Kamarris Tonyon

The Dam: Kimberlenes Bonnie; a white first generation labradoodle from a white Standard poodle and yellow labrador parents with Great Grand parents being Crufts Champions Magin Masterpeice for Kamaris, Ben of Mallowdale, and Sandylands Off Beat with 9 different Cruft Champions as her Great Great parents.


Jan is the 'wife of' the Captain of QISMA. (This is an in joke for any service or ex-service wives reading this). She took early retirement from the Civil Service at the end of March 2010. She no longer has the joy of commuting 4 hours each day to and from her office in London. Strangely, she doesn't seem to be missing it.

Jan has had a varied career, she served in the Army for four years and then joined the Civil Service. That career was quite varied - she worked for what is now DWP, moved to MOD working at the Ministry of Defence in London, in the Falklands and Kosovo. Without a doubt her best job was heading the Political Secretariat for Commander in Chief Fleet in Portsmouth where the Royal Navy and Royal Marines kept her and her team endlessly entertained.  She ended her career in a  as Head of Compliance in the Ministry of Justice where again, there was seldom a dull moment.


Alistair retired from the Royal Fleet Auxilairy (RFA) in 2006 at the rank of Captain.  He saw service on a number of ships both within the Royal Navy and RFA and involved in numerous conflicts between 1977 and 2006, including the Falklands, being a survivor of SIR GALAHAD and within the Gulf. He served ashore in various capacities including FOST, COMRFA, CINCFLEET and within the MOD London, in which he served within the Director of Naval Operations. He left the RFA as Deputy Assistant Chief Of Staff to CinCFleet and had previously commanded ships in support of operations within the Gulf and around the UK.

Alistair on retiring was elected as a District Councillor and became the Leader of Harborough District Council but resigned in 2009 due once again to deteriorating poor heath.