Monday, 7 August 2017

Our new home

After 15 months moored on the Woodford River and with some sadness, we decided to move QISMA's mooring to Lough Erne. Last winter we could have continued to cruise on the Lough but the flow on the river was too fast to get off our mooring. We couldn't have been treated better at Killynick and our arrival in Fermanagh was made so easy by the Kilkynick squad but it just makes sense. The mooring on the Lough also gives stunning views.

LJ and I moved the car whilst the boat made the 60 minute journey to its new home. 
LJ spots it as it cruises by.

 So down the lane.

And here it is.

 The views are magic.  This from the hob!

And here she is. All labelled up! 


The current plan is to spend the rest of the season and hopefully beyond  bimbling on the Upper and Lower Lough Erne.