Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Can we catch up with ourselves?

Life is certainly different at the moment. We were with Alistair's daughter Zoe, her husband Paul and their daughter Lexie for a long weekend.

We stay at a hotel - mainly because it stops us from being on top of each other and to keep LJ and their Bobby apart. They just do not take to each other. We've found a fantastic bargain not too far away where we can stay with LJ. The public areas are quite posh .. But we don't trouble them very much!

Great walking from the hotel, including my favourite extra large sheep. It's OK, I do know they are Llamas!

On Saturday we had the delight of Lexie, aged 18 months, for 24 hours. I hope she never changes character because she was a delight and slept through the night. I think they black out strength curtains helped. 

On Sunday I went up to London to catch Curtis Stigers with his band at Ronnie Scott's. Absolute magic. Only outing with the band this year in UK and they were HOT. 

It was good to get back on board and to start to think about dressing QISMA for Christmas. I think she's looking pretty neat.

Now we've got a few days to settle ourself down.