Saturday, 12 November 2016

All ashore who are going ashore ...oh that's us!

It flooded here last winter. Badly. As it's our first winter we decided to be cautious and rent a cottage for the worst 3 months. We moved in last Saturday. It's quiet and secluded with great views over Upper Lough Erne. Gets every bit of sunshine and all the wind. But very warm. 10 miles from QISMA and 5 from the village. Alistair is down at QISMA now getting a 'fix'. LJ and I just chilling after our off lead walk to the wind farm and back.  LJ doesn't know it yet but he has an operation scheduled for Monday. Removal of fatty lump that will soon impede his back leg. Time for it to go but another worry to add to world peace and thin thighs etc etc. Being in the cottage means there is room for the dreaded cone which he will probably wear for two weeks. His turning circle here is a tad bigger. The biggest shock will be no breakfast for him on Monday morning.

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