Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Normal service can be resumed

Writing this at 0650. Not just early for me but practically the middle of the night! The last of  the early mornings as Derek and Emma arrived home late last night. We were deep into The Escape Artist but noticed their lights were on as we put ours out.

I spotted boating buddies Irene and Andy from NB KAMILI featuring in the NB DERWENT6  blog from the weekend so quickly sent off an email. Had a great catch up reply. Good to know they've had such a lovely year and on current plans looks like another ahead. We will be East and they will be West. Shame they aren't bloggers or Twitters even. 

I am also delighted to report  food is back on the agenda. Starving the Norovirus  out of your system is the way. I felt so good yesterday morning I was out raking leaves at 0740.