Sunday, 17 November 2013

Why didn't I know that?

Younger sister and I went to a Patty Griffin 'gig' at Sheffield City Hall last night. In the Ballroom with lovely Yorkshire Roses everywhere - just for you Andy! Excellent show and I learnt that younger sister had seen The Marvellous Mr Curtis Stigers there in the early 1990s. (His long haired pop days).  Not that there was anything wrong with his long haired pop days but he is sooooooo fab now.  I confess, as a huge fan, I was a bit surprised not to have known that.  We had a huge laugh later when Curtis replied to a Tweet  asking why I didn't know - claiming they'd had a bit of a fling and I probably didn't know about that either! I think he was joking. I might ask him about it if I get the chance at his show in Germany next Saturday!!!

The journey back was completely uneventful until ..... Until Alistair, who had offered to pick me up at Reading to give the Terminator a run and save me from waiting for the replacement bus, didn't arrive. He hasn't quite mastered the requirement to read the answer to a text when he asks you a question! So, replacement bus it was. We approached the turn off for Newbury when clouds of smoke  started pouring out of the engine and we stopped on the hard shoulder and de-bused!

The Highway Patrol led us to safety! 

Where we admired this view for the next hour until the replacement bus arrived

Nice, but I do prefer this one! Good to get a walk in with the little one later. Just glad to be back in time for that.