Sunday, 14 December 2014

Baby It's Cold In There

What a lovely day for a cruise we thought. And we weren't on our own. Just as we were thinking of making a move....this post dog walk and a resupply if possibly best shop bought mince pies we have ever eaten, it was rush hour. Or what passes for rush hour in this neck of the woods in December. That translates to two Denver boats heading for the relief channel to get water. Ours is currently turned off for reasons we can all speculate on. If we are right it has worked. Can you turn it back on?

We head for the lock anyway. Much discussion. Would we all get in? Did we know about the chap who delivered coal? Why did we think the water was off? Would we all get in? Where were we going? Would the pubs be open when we got there?

Agreement was reached to try the lock. After a good bit of shuffling and one change of position we were there. No pics, too busy holding ropes and pulling the boat towing a rowing boat into position. 

We left the others behind as they were only for Downham. We went on. 

We had just moored when the extreme swimmers arrived. Brrrrr actually Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Most of them didn't go too far.

But this entrepid swimmer, IN HER BIKINI, went for it.

I think the QISMA catchphrase has to be...we love it here!