Thursday, 4 December 2014

Come Dine With Me......not really an invitation

The culinary theme for our family holiday in Suffolk. Three down and Alistair to cook tonight. It is Zoe's birthday and there is to be a Chinese Feast. Sadly, it's a £20 prize not £1000 but we don't have the money of Channel 4!

This is the first time we've done this and so far..... Really enjoyable though not without mishap. An infestation of blow flies, which they can't clear effectively because of bats in the loft. The brochure is clever at what it doesn't say. The property they say is on a small development. Well 57 houses to me is NOT small and the development continues. The house we are renting is at the very end and has stunning views. Once inside you can't see the rest.

The view

What we can't see ...thankfully!

The beach at Warlingham

 Looking back at Southwold from Ferry Road

 And the other angle!

A dream house ..taken from the dunes with the North Sea behind me

Liking this heritage boat

 In Southwold.When they finish the build a wall will hide him...wonder who is going,to live,there

So, some issues to raise with the holiday rental company once we get back but....