Wednesday, 12 February 2014

An outing to Yorkshire ... Best with nowt taken out

A couple of days in Yorkshire visiting sister Sue, hubby Sid and my Dad who will be 92 this year - enshala.  Supposed to be a last visit before our 2014 cruise but I might  have time for one more. Our chances of escaping the clutches of the K&A anytime soon seem to get more remote by the hour. I'm not complaining as we are fine here and there are so many who can't say that. We could see some,of the devastation as we drove up. In places, the A34 had huge new lakes on both sides of the road. Chilling really just to see them.

Today's phots are from our Yorkshire walks. My sister lives close to where we grew up and it really is grand to walk LJ in what was our summer playground. These days we wouldn't be allowed to roam so freely or so far from home.  I recall on day when a group of us were flashed at. Truly. Home we ran and the local 'bobby' sent for. Can't remember how long we were banned from 'the wints' for - or if we paid any attention!  The local artwork isn't meant to be significant 😀