Thursday, 6 February 2014

First sign of Spring but hopes not being raised!

Whilst the coast is still being pounded by waves of record height Newbury is just getting rain, rain and more rain. I suppose I should be grateful as we haven't had strong winds and although the river is going past at a tremendous speed we are still OK.

In fact, there are signs of Spring in the marina,and thankfully, all the leaves are down.

Outings are confined to the absolutely necessary. Walking LJ and resupplies.  We're tucked up with the fire on. Alistair is heavily involved with his new passion, war games on line. He is, I think, in the 10th century AD. I have my head in,a book - if you can say that when you're reading it on the Kindle ap? Also enjoying splurges of chat with Tweet buddies (you know who you are and thank you) and have the headphones on listening to music, more specifically to Jason Isbell, who has just settled into my head and cannot be shifted. I know, in this, as Mr Stigers might say, I am not Alone.  In fact I have blog buddies in New Zealand also #spreadingtheword and they are going to see him play in Auckland in April. If I lied on the blog Zi would say not the least bit jealous but ........