Monday, 31 March 2014

Understatement of the year competition entry

Back to QISMA today. Huge improvement in the flow past us ... We are officially
hopeful that we will get out next week. Even if we can't get past Woolhampton or through Reading just yet.

LJ booked in for a haircut on Friday and I'm taking the car back to Tyruched on Saturday so come next Tuesday morning we will be poised or on our way. I'm almost certain Pete and Vicki will hear the cheers in New Zealand.

Sods Law came into play whilst we were way - two sets of friends passing through Newbury tried to find us! Sorry to have missed both of them. Actually really sorry.

At Alistair's parents this weekend.  Their garden is starting to blossom

Invited to lunch yesterday by Alistair's sister.  Lovely for June to have both her children with her on Mothering Sunday. Long time since that happened.

LJ totally disgraced himself and shamed us by cocking his leg up against some curtains within 30 seconds of arriving. Actually,against some rather fabulous and no doubt expensive, brand new curtains. I think an Alpha male thing as they have a boy terrier.. Less than five minutes after that he knocked a glass over with his tail and it smashed on a cream carpet. Fortunately, in the loosest sense,of the word, it was empty,so no 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 moment. That came later and didn't involve him!  To say he was not flavour of,the month with me is a candidate for my annual understatement,of the year contest!