Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Into our routine

Being in Hay is as near to baiting as we can get ashore. We've got the  fab River Wye on our doorstep - well just down the hill, we have stunning countryside and a very relaxed routine. LJ is in his element with some swimming every day. We're on the move on Friday. Down to Dorset to see Alistair's parents - our pre cruising visit. Nice that we'll be there for Mothers Day.  Then we'll be back to Newbury on Monday and get ready to go .... Not next week though. In our heads any day before the 11th April will be a bonus.  I'll be bringing the car back here at the end of next week and then and then and then .....

So the last Hay photos for a while

This is an old friend. I bought him for Janie almost 20 years ago