Thursday, 20 November 2014

How lucky are we ...... be boating in November sunshine

We left Cambridge this morning. Cleverly combining our departure with, elsen, dog walk, water top up and Tesco shop. Some of these simultaneously.

Yesterday I went to Yorkshire to see my Dad, now happily settled into care. Reminded me a bit of my old WRAC accommodation!!  Communal living always does that. Cambridge isn't the best place to do this from - the railway station a good couple of miles from the river. next month will be from Ely. 5 min max walk from any of the moorings. 

Now we are happily moored back at Waterbeach ...thinking just one night ...or maybe two. 

So pleased to be out and about. Because of our commitments in Newbury we had to stop boating at the end of October last year. Just loving being out.