Thursday, 27 November 2014

The non waltzing rise and fall

We had an email from the Environment Agency when we were in Ely. The first warning, for us, of fluctuating levels at Denver as they started to discharge water. This because of heavy rain.  We were heading for the mooring anyway as we are off to Suffolk with Alistair's daughter and her family at the weekend.

As usual, once you pass Ely, very little traffic on the river. Quite a flow but a good cruise down. The red flag was flying when we arrived ..not a political affiliation but advice not to be on the move. Oh plans,for that now!

Our mooring here allows us to be onboard for 3 nights from 7. This suits us as we like to be out and about. If we are advised not to move and there is a problem, we have visitors moorings directly in front of us, and across the river and two a few hundred yards behind us. It doesn't make life difficult for us. One of the reasons we took this mooring.

So, our first experience of the Denver rise and fall. Alistair thought he had the ropes sorted and so it was....

We are in a deeper berth than some but so far.... So good

I love the moody grey and the changing light.

We are nicely tucked in and camouflaged.

Now you see the sluice

 And now you don't