Saturday, 21 February 2015

Not pushing ourselves

 The rest of the ✔️✔️✔️ in place...water, elsen, rubbish and it's goodbye to our mooring at Denver Complex.  

We weren't going far. With high winds forecast, out intention was to head onto the Wissey, turn and moor up at one of our favourite GOBA moorings. We spent Christmas there.

You'll notice I said ...our intention. The turn on the Wissey is very tight, with moored boats on one side.

We can usually make this......but not today!! We are a bit laden up front and it made a difference...either,that our our Captain wasn't on form.

 The next, and last, opportunity was at Hilgay. A rowing boat tied up just in the wrong place. But, with he prospect of an extra 2 hours cruising and the rain coming down we persevered. Sadly no pic as I was busy leaning over from the well deck to push the rowing boat out of the way! Only took 3 attempts. I did get a very rare well done...good start to our 2015 cruise!

Here we are for the weekend.