Thursday, 26 February 2015

Luck was with us

Not the brightest of mornings but the wind has died down. We had no choice really but to move.....I had run out of 'my' off to Littleport it was. 

We didn't quite have the river to ourselves but we are completely legal and not breaking,the speed limit so it was just a wave from this team.

We have never made it onto this mooring but today luck was with us. Denver moored Andy popped his head out to ask where we were going. I said here....he was just about to leave.....perfik. 

Resupply done...and a 'bonus' trip to the launderette and yesterday it was into Ely.

another familiar craft as we approached. When we came back last May this houseboat was moored in the centre of Ely. We wondered how he had obtained permission. He hadn't. Most of this winter he moved around the Denver moorings. At one point he was asking for a tow to Kings Lynn........ Unlikely! He ended his stay tied onto some pilings. Now he is on an EA work site. What next?

I always love the first sighting of Ely Cathederal. 

And the waterfront. Fair to say I am a huge fan of Ely!

Our second but of luck was to get on the first moorings. Ely Council have a stumbling block re enforcement and these boats have, quite legally, been on the moorings all winter. I believe for free. Further down, outsidemThe Cutter, NB Bamboo has been there for at least 2 years. The Council are consulting on how to solve the enforcement issue. We suggested they talk to some of the Thames local authorities rather than rewrite the manual.