Monday, 12 September 2016

Timing is all!

Timing has been particularly good this weekend which....unlike the weather we are reading about in UK has been very windy with intermittent showers. 

Six years of living on a boat have made us expert shower dodgers and our wind avoidance skills are improving by the day. 

First round,on the haircuts went to me. Getting a recommendation from lovely Irish woman who walked me in the direction of Tesco. Great conversation that covered ..  with no particular connection.... disenchantment, families, boating, foreign travel and affairs of the heart. Not bad on 5 minutes acquaintance. All that and a great hairdresser recommendation as well. 

Ballinaslone has one of oldest horse festivals in Europe. Happens in a few weeks. The town will look very different then...with upwards of 80,000 descending!!  No... we won't be here! 

LJ gets his haircut tomorrow and we hope to leave on permitting.