Friday, 2 September 2016

Would you like that delivered?

I just love mooring at Portumna. A great mooring in the grounds of the castle. Forest,walks for LJ and a Supervalu in the town that asks...would you like that delivered when you mention you're on a boat.

There is a lot of movement in and out of the harbour as it's a last stop on Loch Derg before or after Portumna Bridge which currently opens 5 times a day to allow boats through, stopping traffic on a main road to/from the West in the process.

We are having, for us, a slightly extended stay. This will be our third night and although there is a steady turnover of boats traffic is less than 50% of  when we first came onto Loch Dergh.

We have managed to upset one boater. Just by existing! He likes to moor along the wall as he has a motorbike he manoeuvres onto his boat. We like to moor along the wall so that LJ can get on and off.  Unfortunately for him...we were here first. He left.