Sunday, 16 October 2016

A fish and chips sort of day.

With the weather forecast turning to the miserable spectrum we came down Lough Allen and moored at Drumshambo on Friday. No plans as to when we would leave...rain depending. wasn't going to be Saturday morning! The first three locks are controlled by one Lockkeeper and there was not a snowflakes chance we would take her out in torrential rain.

1215 it stopped and we were on our way.

This makes us think of....

Not sure if we were going to stop in Leitrim or tackle the 11 self service electric locks on the flight up to Keshcarrigan.

The sun got brighter as we went along and the decision was easy ...en y va!

The first two locks were in our favour...happy days. Then the lock keeper for the flight appeared and said ...your luck just ran out! Oh well.

Two locks later the lockeeper was waiting for us. Give me your card and I'll go ahead and help you up. Hallelujah!  We came out of the last lock at 1724. Opening hours on this stretch end at 1730 from October to March. We don't know....and didn't want to find out....if the card reader just stops working!
Thank goodness for lock keepers.....I often say.

Lock free for the last stretch. Hoping to moor before the sun went down. I was hoping there would be no need for cooking. Phoned the landlord at Gracie's Bar and yes....he would provide takeaway fish and chips...or whatever else was on the menu. Magic. 

A great run into Keshcarrigan and no worried that the moorings would be full. We hadn't seen a boat moving since getting back onto the Shannon.

The bar was just as it should be, roaring fire and a landlord who could not have been nicer. Coffee offered while I waited. Fish and chips fab. 

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