Tuesday, 11 October 2016

As predicted...by everybody!

Onto Lough Allen today. We left it for our return trip as a flotilla of heritage boats were here as we went down the Shannon in August.The canal and locks on the passage up from Leitrim look familiar but....boy are those locks fierce....and no way of slowing them down!! Thank goodness for lock keepers!! Even so....the second lock had the better of us and between me and the lock keeper the two of us we couldn't quite hold the bow and we were across the lock and just caught the wall fortunately ... not at full tilt.

The pic doesn't do it justice as I was a bit busy when the lock was in full flow.

The one thing everyone,told us about Lough Allen was that themweather is...to say the least...unpredictable. We certainly saw that today. Fortunately after we were safely moored.

And it is absolutely stunning.