Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lower Lough Erne ... Feels like we are cruising!

Sadly, St Patrick's Day in Eniskillen was a total wash out. I felt so sorry for all who had put such effort into the day. Our highlight was helping tie up the boat St Patrick arrived on. He,promptly dashed off to get under cover!!

Saturday afternoon and after a stop at Riverside to top up with coal and turf we headed for Lower Lough Erne. We expected to go through the lock - last time we checked there was 3" difference in Upper and Lower loughs but it had evened out so the year remains lock free.

We've been out for a week but we had to be in Eniskillen for a routine medically thingy so more a convenience to get there by boat than a cruise. As soon as we hit the lower lough..... A different feel altogether.

First mooring at Devenish Island. Us and the trip boat .... which was getting ready to depart. Amazing to have this spot all too ourselves overnight.