Saturday, 11 March 2017

Happy Anniversary

The QISMA official 2017 cruise has begun. The winter break was the longest stretch she has been alongside since she was launched in 2010. I hope to be quicklyback into boat routine.....including the blog...if I can just remember what the routine is.

The Woodford River was still high but we had a weather window and took it. Back from LJ's grooming session,at 1500 and just after 1530 we were off. The flow wasn't as strong as it looked from the jetty though the flooding further along was more extensive than we'd expected. Nothing to worry us though.

A gentle cruise up to Trial Bay where we discovered a new rise and fall jetty had been installed over the winter. So much better for LJ as he doesn't have to leap up off the boat. As a large dog, we are told, in human years, he equates to being 82. Doing very well for an octogenarian.

The anniversary? 12 months since we arrived in Ireland. Regrets....not one.