Sunday, 16 April 2017

Suddenly's boating season!

We have made the most of our time on Lower Lough Erne. For the most part we've had the lough to ourselves. Unbelievable. Even this last few days on Inish Davar, with the bluebells out, there have only been one or two short stayers.

All change now. Easter is the start of boating season and the waters are suddenly busy. Enniskillen is always popular at the weekends and it was hectic. All the moorings were busy. Tens of millions of  ££ worth of boats. Most would not have looked out of place at any harbour on the Med. We had shopping to do and left a tidy sum behind us. Curry's did particularly well as we bought a new TV.

On the move this morning...well lunchtime... and had little hope of finding space on one of our favourite jetties. Delighted to round the bend to find it ...empty!!! No need to squeeze QISMA in. Lost a canal style fender as we moored but easily recovered.

And the sun just came out!!!

Happy days.

 Lots of boats....only one like this. I've named her Cafe au Lait.