Friday, 28 April 2017

Very South of France

It may seem strange to compare Enniskillen to the South of France and yes, it may be an exageration but, on any weekend, in boating season, the total value of boats moored would be in the millions of pounds. Plenty of £500,000 boats about. Some of the 'dinghies' being towed look as if they could be from a James Bond film or on loan from the SBS. 

The boat below reminds me of a novel I read many years ago called The Last  Convertible. Have no idea of her name. I call her Cafe au  Lait. Not many like her about. 

Despite it being busy we were lucky to find a mooring empty as we made our way back towards Killynick.

And the view from the side hatch. Swans arrived as if from central casting. 

I am a bit behind with the blogs. The next one is from a new destination.

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