Tuesday, 30 May 2017

As long as it doesn't get caught round the prop .... And other misadventures

Last words spoken before the fender we lost in Ballyconnel Lock did indeed get caught round the prop! Oh well!! Cheered ourselves up with amazing individual donuts from Super Value. Neither of us can name the flavours. Familiar but not identifiable.

Day 1 of our Summer Cruise. Not very summery...or Spring like to start with but, fortunately, the rain stopped just as we left and so we at least had a dry run. 38 kilometres covered. We hadn't intended to go so far but a lone fisherman was comfortably occupying our planned mooring spot so on we went.

Which took us across the lovely small loughs and to Haughton Shores about 4pm where we were a bit surprised to find only one boat moored. 

Lovely walk for LJ and back to find a small leak in the shower. Leaking into the wardrobe side where the prep goes through. Several hours later .... Add to this the seal on the water pump has gone!!