Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Moving ... Not so swiftly on!

Well, not quite so swiftly. The shower pump appeared and was in fact dead. A phone call to Riversdale Barges and we had offer of assistance. They were terrific. They even went off to it new pump for us and fitted it. We cruise late in the afternoon the last short stretch into Ballinamore. Resisted the temptation, seriously, of staying for Irland's largest Country and Western Festival this weekend. After a quick(ish) visit to the hardware and everything emporium on the Main Street set off to Keshcarigsn at 1130.

A stop for lunch and with the sun out we decided to tackle the flight down to Leitrim. It is so lovely. Three hours later, with the majority of the locks against us, we are moored and have take away fish and chips ordered from The Barge. Pub fish and chips. A new tradition after this either direction. It had been in my mind but a photo of same Tweeted by Crusing the Cut made it a certainty.

Harry paid us a visit ..LJ didn't seem to mind!

From here until we get back we will be in the tender hands of  Lockies! Or will we?