Saturday, 8 July 2017

300,170 ... just slipped on by!

Thanks to everyone for the blog notching up 300,170! And I even met a blog follower today! Anjela, who has been following since we were cruising in England and Wales. The 300,000 just cruised by me.

The last few days have seen us in Ballyleague/Lanesborough...with predictable weather.

 At Kilglass where our neighbour kindly shared fresh mackerel with us....well me really . Caught early that morning and it showed. It was delicious.

The sunset last night

And dawn...0415 this morning. I did go back to bed.


Now happily in Drumsna. Such a pretty village. Feels as if it has a French influence in the architecture. 

Busy as you'd expec. Weekend and sunshine. A QISMA size mooring was available when we arrived at lunchtime.