Sunday, 2 July 2017


with winds of 50kph or higher forecast for the end of the week we didn't want to hang round in Athlone. So, with ourselves comfortably outside of another fab pizza from Pizzeria il Basilico, we headed up to the very top corner of Lough Ree, to Portrunny. A few walkers and visitors to the swim,park, two boats and a rather angry swan was the tally for the rest of the week. 

As we approached, with all the lough to manoeuvre in, this hire boat chose to cross right in front of us. Their waves turning to less friendly gesticulations as they went by. 

Photos of storms never turn out well. They don't do justice to the waves.  So I'm offering the post storm views. 

The swan was such a nuisance. Attacking LJ each time we walked down the pontoon. I'm retaliating by not posting a photo! 


This little chap had quite a few of pals. There for the small flying insects attracted by the heat from our log burner. Yes, I know it's July!

So a very lazy few days which we really needed. We seem to have been on the go almost constantly since we set off.