Saturday, 24 August 2013

Moving day

We were still debating moving up to the summit today when, just as the rain started to ease, a hire boat came along, complete with volunteer lock keeper. We were out onto the tow path like, well like a very very quick thing and off we went.

What a lovely team to share locks with. Dad,  Mum and two under 10s on their fourth boating holiday.  At the second lock we met a single handed coming down so lost Keith, the co,integer lock keeper  but it didn't matter. Shame I didn't get chance to tell him I saw a terrier cocking his leg on what may have been Keith's lunch!

It is so quiet here that it's hard to believe it's a Bank Holiday weekend.

Up safely and off to Tring. Alistair and LJ will sit here until Friday whilst I go off to see some friends. I did the 5 minute trip by train into Berkhamstead to stock up before I depart on Monday. We reckon nearly 3 hours by boat!

As we came along we saw a couple of convoys. Followed one with a second following us. Only one boat in each with an engine working. We reckon it's keep the enforcement team off our backs day.