Thursday, 28 August 2014

Not joking now

I don't do politics ... Well that not quite true,  I used to say the perfect start to a Sunday was a pile of newspapers I hadn't had to collect, on the bed and Andrew Marr Sunday AM on TV. This was in my last life, before I slowed down to 3 miles an hour. I do say that I don't do politics on social media.  But, of course this is leading up to a but, this week I am so horrified and ashamed of  the  news from my home town that the systematic grooming of over 1400 girls over a period of 16 years was ignored by the Council and South Yorkshire a Police is weighing heavily on my shoulders,, though it seems not on theirs. No disciplinary action - yet again!

This article by Alison Pearson  sums up my feelings

I used to joke about leaving Yorkshire to get away from Yorkshire men.... Not joking now.