Friday, 8 August 2014

QISMA was with us.

A quick update. Top marks to EA and GOBA. EA Anglia have said they will tweet a warning and try and get some posters at locks. GOBA are going to  get contractors to the Pike and Eel moorings to destroy the hogweed and cut back the low flying branches.

We are now at Tyruched which very spookily turns out to have it's own crop of Giant Hogweed! Not only that but John was on the verge of pulling it up with his bare hands. Our arrival distracted him and he abandoned the veg garden. Burst of unpacking and  out to the garden for Pimms ... Even better with a slug of gin I  discovered!  Before we got too glazed over Janie asked Alistair what the problem was with the patch of skin on his face.  ..... Vivid description of the beast led to us trooping down to the veg patch. Two of us  recoiled in horror. Four of us pleased that QISMA was with us.