Friday, 29 August 2014

Visitors can be such hard work

Woke yesterday to find the electricity off. Tyruched can be like that. It's old and quirky. Our water comes from  a bore hole and we were both instructed last week in how to get it running again if it goes off. This involves only a trip to the cellar and use of a screwdriver. Just as well because it went off on day 1 of the J's holiday. Also fortunate that the water WAS off when I had my instruction so I knew what to wriggle and Alistair didn't.

I digress. No electricity. No coffee. Plan B. Light the fire and put pan on the log burner ring. Well yes, but first let the cat out for the day and LJ out for a quick quick.

So, downstairs to let LJ out and suddenly we had more to worry about than our coffee. We had visitors ... And they weren't here for a coffee!

Not having the phone with me I didn't get the first shot as two emerged from the direction of the veg plot.  First thing, get LJ in. Good boy Josh. run  up the stairs for Alistair, grab phone (well I do have a blog to think about). Back downstairs. Let Noah out. By this time one or two had made it to the house.

Down the drive and close the gates. Alistair slips into cowhand role. He must have been a farmer in a previous life. I run down the lane to first farmhouse. I know it's not Sarah's herd but hoping she knows who the farmer is. Sarah out. Two teenagers  got up ...but well ...

Run back. Meet man from electricity company who tells me electricity off for the day. Least of our worries. Position myself in the one part of garden that gets a signal.  Fortunately cow free. Phone the Js. They are on Welsh coast with crap signal. Leave a message.

Meanwhile. Back on the cattle drive Alistair trying to contain them. We decide we have to try and get them into the paddock. I make funnel with various bits and bobs. Not a success. Cows now in a herd at opposite end of garden but all together and near the paddock.

 A small grouping there were about 30 in all

The Js ring. They don't know number of farmer or where his farm is BUT have phoned second farmer who owns the field they have escaped from and he is on the case. Janie offers helpful advice eg: close the gate onto the lane but, of course, her main concern is for her lawn! 

Second attempt at getting them in the paddock. Success!!  Cows try to eat poly tunnel. We move them on past. A masking tape job for later.

Landowner arrives. We find where they got into the garden. Two of them kindly came back to show us. They are quickly shown the error of their ways. Farmer, with farm hand and cow dog arrive. HOORAH.   

Still, it could have been worse. I must have arrived downstairs just after they got in.  They could have had us surrounded.  A shame Barney, the ex cow dog that adopted the Js some years ago is on his hols and missed the chance to show off his skills. 

Phone the Js to say all is well....John tells me the electricity will be off all day .....