Monday, 2 March 2015

Things take a medical turn

One question non boaters always ask is how do you manage for Dr or Dentist. Last week Alistair needed both.

The Dr wasn't a problem. We registered with a surgery in Ely last year. After a chat with a Dr on the phone he got an emergency appointment the same day.

The dentist was more difficult. No dentist in Ely could see him but on the second round of calls we were told to phone NHS 112. Well, of course, we've heard the horror stories but it couldn't have been better. A very switched on woman called Kim asked a range of questions ...and managed not to make it sound as if she was going through the motions. Alistair was given th number of a Cambridge dentist. 5 minutes later he was on the way to the station. 30 mi Utes after that he was at the surgery.
The dentist could only do work to provide pain relief. For Alistair it was carry out the first of 3 sessions of root canal work - with no guarantee of saving the tooth - or taking it out. Out it came.

We both have check ups arranged in Cambridge this week.

If  there are blog readers in Norwich or Ely who know the chap and the nurse who helped when Alistair fainted on the train back to Ely please pass on our thanks!

The medical stuff over we moved off for a quiet weekend.