Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Not all peace and quiet at Fotheringhay


We made the run from Elton to Fotheringhay for the weekend. We like the failed mooring and are happy to pay the £4 a night. The peace was somewhat shattered by a cruiser who squashed themselves in between  us and a neighbouring NB with about one inch to spare. Six passengers who then unloaded dining table and chairs and proceeded to hold a supper party! I can't tell you what the menu was but the booze flowe and noise levels least they seemed to enjoy themselves!

That was the quiet gone.mthe lack of peace Related to would be very easy for this blog to be all about our dog, Little Josh, or LJ as he is known to his fans. Our days centre round his timetable. Fortunately, he is not an early riser and that suits us well. He was ill late Saturday into Sunday. Such a worry and 3 hours to the vet in Oundle. No public transport. Fortunately, by afternoon he had started to pick up and continued to improve. 

On the phone to the vet at 0800 Monday. On the move to Oundle soon after. Whatever it was left no damage thank goodness.

Topped up and emptied at Oundle Marina. And used the laundry. Moored at the lovely Oundle Cruising Club. Oundle is such a delight. 

With LJ having the all clear, it was on to Waddenhoe and the Kings Head.

   LJ is in there somewhere!


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