Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Summer Cruise

A short pause in our crushing timetable whilst we had a France. Today marks our 'proper' return to boating as we started the journey on the River Nene from Peterborough to Northampton.

An early shower had passed by before we set off and,out came the sun. Very welcome.

We had intended to moor at Alwaton...a favourite of ours. We knew a single handed was coming up behind us with the same plan. Although the mooring was empty and,there is room for two, he had a large German Shepherd and he and LJ had not taken to each other. He was,staying two nights so we decided to leave him,to it and moved on. NB Clarence was very kindly waiting for us in the stunning Water Newton Lock and for the first time on our Nene cruising, we found space to moor at Wansford Station.

Last walk at Peterborough

And off we go

 The lovely River Nene

 Water Newton Lock..and usual thoughts re lottery win

An added attraction

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