Monday, 27 July 2015

We did ask...honest!

It seems a long time since we left Waddenhoe. Only Thursday but we're very nearly at the end of our Nene cruise. It all depends on the mooring situation at Weston Favell tomorrow. ifmluck is with us it's two nights at Weston Favell, if not,mit's into Northampton.

Tonight we are at Coggenhoe. Next,to a sign,that says, very clearly, No Mooring, Private Property. You will be prosecuted!, Are we mad? Well, maybe we are. But a phone call this morning gave us the all clear so any madness is unrelated to the mooring situation.

Where have we been between Waddenhoe and here? Sitting out the rain on the way. Two nights at Rushden and Diamonds. An entire stadium and additional sports facilities lying empty. What a waste. Good place to sit out a storm. Not the first time we've done that!!

Civilisation approaches.

But not there quite yet.

A six hour day...not our usual style at all but the sort of weather to just keep plodding on. Also we had heard that the horses roaming at Earls Barton were viscous! 

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