Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Is there no end to the excitement?

We moved back up to the Leek Arm today. Meds to collect in Leek. But our trip was not without incident. It started with an almost empty pound. Off I went to let some water down. QISMA came across and into the lock. One gate wouldn't close. Opened both up and tried to see if gate was damaged. Alistair had a prod about. Closed in reverse order. Other gate wouldn't close.

A boat arrived to come down. Crew of four.mtwo couples. One woman came to help. Two men stayed at boat on towpath chatting. Much running around, trying to adjust water level to see what, if anything was down there. After some 20 minutes.nthe men came up to lock. Prodding in lower levels continues. Finally the gates are shut. I go to wind lock with Man A. He takes offence when Alistair shouts up and asks him to wind one or two notches at a time. Tells me Alistair is wasting his time. Lock is silted up. Even more muttering when asked to stop. Then...from the silt emerges .....  The chap showing off the catch is not the one offering advice....who was strangely quiet at this point.

Then off we went to carry on enjoying the beauty of the Caldon

Onto the Leek Arm and an early evening RV with Team NZ on MUSSN Grumble.

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