Friday, 11 September 2015

Just the 20 locks today then?

Wherever I left off yesterday..I know I hadn't included this rare pic,of me which I stole off Vicki's blog. Just sating around doing nothing on the staircase locks!

Then it was on to the Harecastle Tunnel. Half hour wait but just one boat in front of us. We said fond goodbyes to GRUMBLE.. Blogging as  WAKAROA 2015. They were off the the Macce on their way back to Sheffield. We are Weaver bound. 


Had forgotten about the rusty water!!

 Pete makes the turn onto the Macce...we were so tempted to turn back!! But it's in our 2016 cruise plan!!

 On for a few locks and a lovely Church Lawron mooring.

A fair bit of traffic heading our way this morning. Of course some of the locks are duplicate locks...and some of them are still working!!

We were behind two boats from.....

 Part of a 15 strong cruising group returning from Burscough Basin.

Thanks CONSTANCE and TAMARISK we couldn't have asked for more helpful boats to follow down the 20 locks!! I also learnt that their club look after Bramble Cuttings. Even more to thank them for.

I hope to get a pic of TAMARISK tomorrow to add to the. Blog.

So..20 locks done. Some,call this Heartbreak Hill but I like it. The scenery is lovely.. Some of the paddles were very tough to wind. Too many duplicate locks out of action...a false economic saving? Only needs one of the duplicates to have a problem and the canal will be closed. Still.. Feedback passed to CRT and the day not spoilt. 

Next time we might get LJ booked in here ...we will never find a groomers nearer the cut!