Wednesday, 2 September 2015

3 wheels on my trolley

Taking things easy since the tyre adventure. Which is really what the Caldon is all about. Stunning views. Some amazing houses, cruising on the contour of a hill. Reminds me of our walks along the Monmouth and Brecon when we are in our Welsh home from home.

Into Leek today. Bit of a schlep through a semi industrial estate and up the hill but worth it. Lovely market town...even if the market is not the 90+ extrvaganza it used to be.  I can recommend the cakes from at least two shops!!

Homely Homes...a delightful emporium that I had allowed an hour to explore was closed today. Hoping it will be open when we come back to collect Alistair's prescription next week.

I was deposited at Morrisons with serious shopping list. Alistair took LJ back to the boat and to collect the shopping trolley. I think the title has given it away. Anyone singing that annoying song. I was! He arrived in the shop.....empty trolley still folded up with only three wheels. Back he went to collect missing wheel. Rather than wait after I finished I headed back ... and managed OK. Not that I wasn't pleased to see them coming back with number 4!

Still, no tyre or wheel disaster can spoil the Caldon.

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