Sunday, 1 November 2015

Bit of a rant

I make no apology for having a bit of a rant about this letter published in the latest edition of Towpath  Talk. Does the author not make a connection with boats sitting for months, or in some case, years (Bamboo) in Ely  on  limited VMs with the introduction of penalties? Does he know the Council consulted widely before making this decision. 

I know I know, I feel protective about the Fenland Waterways. We cruised happily and more importantly, safely, throughout last winter on the waters above Hermitage.  Yes, on some days, because of strong winds it wouldn't have been safe to move. No different from anywhere else. The EA River Inspectors were pragmatic about this. The Ely waterfront is not in their remit. None of the EA moorings had long term overstayers. Well...except for the Houseboat!

As to the claims of long term moorings being provided by CRT...does he mean free long term moorings or by long term does io he mean 14 days?  Toilets and Shower blocks the length of the system?

Finally, big shock....there aren't as many moorings on rivers as canals. Who knew?

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