Monday, 16 November 2015

I missed a Golden moment

I had a car from the nice Enterprise people for the weekend at the amazing rate of 54 Friday to Monday. It could have been less but I prefer not to crunch gears after 14 years of automatics!  So, with a nice free upgrade to next group up  off I went.

Little did I know...

Our best ever UK boating, now ex boating buddies,  Jack and Jo from GOLDENGIRL. They were on their way back from a holiday cottage in Norfolk to their home in Wales. Had no idea where we were. They stopped to walk the dogs. Parked at Nantwich Marina. Walked over the bridge voila! QISMA.! I missed them by 45 minutes!! Seems they had stopped on their way as well. Jack thought he saw QISMA then. Not so. So amazed to find us there the following week!!   I had to have catch up call over the weekend to make up for it.

We had a winter in Swanley with them in 2011 so they have been much in my thoughts now we are in Nantwich. Particularly when I've passed mine and Jo's favourite tea shop!